Monday, April 11, 2011

Maroon 5 tour, opening for Amsterdam. Or something.

I just realized something.
I never wrote much about my time on our European tour with Maroon. What a jerk. (Me, not them. They're nice. Not really jerk-like at all.)
I guess I should remedy that, huh?
I'll try to grab a few of my favorite moments from the tour and at least document them here on my blog in stages. They're not necessarily chronological, but I've been looking through my pictures and dammit all if we aren't just adorable sometimes.
It was such a fantastic few weeks with the M5 cast and crew: the shows were phenomenal, the crowds were eager and supportive, and our hosts made us feel more welcome than I even could have hoped for. I spent my time on that tour really just taking it all in... I hadn't been to Europe in quite some time, and I acted like a total tourist. It was awesome. I wandered the streets, taking pictures and sampling the local beer, whiskey, and food...(but no shopping. That was my New Year's Resolution.) The weather was cold for the most part, but it felt like we were re-energized as a band. We fell in love with European cities and their audiences all over again.

I'm starting with our show at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, because it was a particularly fun show at a fantastic venue that I have been hoping to play for a long time. One of my favorite records of all time from the Counting Crows is their live album from the Heineken Hall. It felt very validating to take that same stage, even if was doing it as an opener. I am going to remember this for a long time.
The "going-out" after the show I might not remember as clearly, but I do know that I laughed my ass off, and had a phenomenal time at one of the best bars in the world. It's called L&B Whiskey Bar and it's effing amaaaaaaazing.
I definitely have a list of quotes from that night most of which came from James Valentine, (who frickin had my NUMBER that night) and he was mostly quoting Charlie Sheen, so you get the elevation level of our conversation that night. Nevermind. Moving on.

We topped off the night with one of those cones filled with French Fries and I ate every last one. The more mayo and curry the better, and yes that's the only place in the world I eat my fries that way. I guess I was hungry. :)

Here's a video of the walk to the stage opening for our dear friends.
Damn, that's a lot of people. :)