Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I said I would try to upload more often. I lied.
Oh well?
Well, i just wanted to share with you why my sister is amazing.
Okay, bye.

---email to Sara:

I left work promptly at 5:15 today, bound and determined to get to the gym by 6:00 and have a good hour and a half, "club mix on my ipod" inspired workout. I knew that between the shining sun outside and the early start there was no WAY that I wasn't gonna have a killer workout!!

After (and I'm not kidding), 2.5 minutes on the elipical, I found myself staring desperately at the credits rolling of the recently ended "Undercover Brother" (shitty movie) that had just finished playing on the big movie screen at the gym. I was WILLING that damn movie to start up again...I knew it was my ONLY chance at continuing the workout. Please gym gods!! Save me!! Alas...I felt my strength falter. Two more minutes passed and the movie had not begun and I knew I was done for. Tired and hungry (even though I had a burrito for lunch) I left the gym, not more than 12 min after I had arrived.

I left the gym and somehow MIRACULOUSLY managed to avoid walking into the Vietnamese food place for my favorite flank steak skewers and caramel chicken in a clay pot. I knew I had veggies in my fridge and it only made sense to try to make a healthy meal at home and salvage the day given my poor excuse for a workout.

At home I looked in my cupboard and found a bag of quinoa. (can't remember why the hell I bought such a monstrosity. must have been because of some stupid article I skimmed about how high in protein and low in fat it is. such bullshit)

After 40 minutes of fucking up some random grain and substituting "clever alternatives" for 4 of the 7 ingredients in the FoodNetwork.com recipe I found to use, I tasted the cardboard garbage I had made and promptly shoveled it into the disposal.

It's now 9:30. I'm sitting in my gym clothes, more than half a bottle into a semi-decent bottle of Pinot Grigio and 3/4ths of a way through a full Cheezits box.

I'm 37 ladies...and embracing it.